What is a Powerdriver?

The Powerdriver is a color correction driver for Windows systems made by Sawgrass. It is installed and used for Sublijet ink systems such as the Sawgrass Virtuoso printers, Ricoh printers, and Epson printers and looks like any other printer driver, but with additional settings specific to Powerdriver. 

The driver is a necessary component when printing with sublimation inks. Without the color correction driver, the colors usually print a different shade or at times a completely different color. Unfortunately, the PowerDriver software is not Mac compatible, but there are ICC profiles available for Mac computers to use with the above design program.

Powerdriver makes sublimation printing easy because it is software independent. That means that you can design in any program and send your artwork to the Powerdriver from there. Additional perks are automatic mirroring of your image and little to none manual adjustments to color settings. 


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