How can I return or exchange defective items?

Defective or damaged (non-equipment) items such as heat transfer paper, vinyl, sublimation blanks or office supplies, can be returned or exchanged as long as they are deemed defective by our technical support team.

  1. Please check your package immediately upon receipt to confirm all ordered items are included. If items are missing or damaged, please contact us within 3 business days of delivery and we will expedite the shipment of your replacement items.
  2. Beyond 3 days of delivery but up to 15 days after delivery, we will replace any missing or damaged merchandise at our expense and freight shipment, but any expedited shipment fees are at the buyer's expense.
  3. After 15 days post-delivery, Coastal Business Supplies is not required to replace or credit for any damaged or missing merchandise in your shipment.
  4. If items are damaged, we may need photos showing the damage to properly file a claim for credit. Please retain any damaged product until after you have received your replacement products. 

We try to accommodate everyone as our customer's happiness is our priority. We ask you to be patient through our technical support process and to be aware that to deem an item defective, we may have to test our stock, wait on the manufacturer to give us further instructions and work with them, or ask our customers to send in samples so we can do hands-on testing and take note of the issue so we can troubleshoot it better in the future.

We recommend that you stop working with a product as soon as you notice an issue. There is always a trial and error process when working with new products, but we urge you to try and save as much of the unused product as possible if there is a problem.

In some instances, the nature of our products may not meet expectations (such as, heat transfer paper feels too thick) and can't be deemed defective. 

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