Forever Laser Transparent Transfer Paper Application Instructions

Laser Heat Transfer Paper for White/Light Colored T-Shirts

Printing Instructions

  • For OKI 831TS, OKI 920WT and OKI 711WT: set the media type setting to Label 2.
  • For any other printer: Start with a Heavy setting and increase to Transparency or Label if you are seeing streaks/smearing. 
  • Print design on the blank side of the paper in REVERSE or in other words, flip it horizontally. This can be done within the design program or printer’s settings (see your printer manual for more information).

  • The paper should be fed into copier/printer with the short dimension first, ideally using a straight path bypass tray. 
  • We recommend single sheet feeding

Application Instructions

Heat Press Only

  1. Prepare heat press at 355-360 F° for cotton or 305 F° for polyester.
  2. Press fabric first to ensure flatness and to remove any moisture; let it cool completely.
  3. Place heat transfer paper with the image facing down in the desired position on fabric.
  4. Using above recommended temperature, apply firm pressure (60 PSI or greater) for 30 seconds.
  5. After pressing, rub the back of the transfer with a cloth for 5-10 seconds, and peel back with one smooth, consistent motion. 
  6. You may repress transfer with silicone sheet for additional 10 seconds and lightly stretch transfer horizontally while still hot, for better durability.

notepad-troubleshoot.pngTroubleshooting FAQ 

Why didn't my image fully transfer?

The most common reason for your image not transferring is inconsistency in pressure or temperature coming from your heat press. Please follow our recommended time and temperature settings exactly. However, if after troubleshooting your heat press and ensuring its performance is not the culprit, the second most popular reason for Forever Transparent to not transfer well is the peeling process. It is VERY important to rub the back of the paper for about 5 to 10 seconds prior to peeling it away from the garment after pressing. That ensures that all toner separates evenly from the paper backing. 

Based on our testing, an image transferred 100% with rubbing vs. not rubbing the back which only yielded in about 90% transfer or below (particularly with light shades of color). 

What is the media type setting for Forever Transparent in my OKI printer? 

The media type setting for OKI 831TS, OKI 711WT and OKI 920WT is Label 2


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