2 Step Opaque Transfer Material Application Instructions

Laser Transfer Paper for Dark/Colored T-Shirts

Printing Instructions

Note: Do not print directly on 2 Step material. You must use additional inkjet or laser heat transfer paper for light garments or sublimation paper.

  • Follow directions included with the transfer paper or sublimation paper being used.

Application Instructions

Heat Press Only

This is a two-step process paper. Please follow directions accordingly!

Step 1

  1. Place material on heat press, smooth side down.
  1. Place heat transfer paper with your image face down on top of 2-Step Material.
  2. Press heat transfer paper to 2-Step material referring to you heat transfer paper's instructions for pressing temperature and time.
  3. Tou should now have an image on the 2-step material.
  1. Trim excess material away from your image. (note: 2-step material is NOT compatible with plotters/cutters)


  1. Prepare the heat press at 355 F°.
  2. Place garment in heat press
  3. Place 2-Step material, image facing up, on the garment.
  4. Cover image with silicone paper or Teflon sheet and press transfer with medium pressure for 15 seconds.
  5. Peel backing immediately.
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