Forever Laser Dark Transfer Paper Application Instructions

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Laser Heat Transfer Paper for Color / Dark T-Shirts

  • For OKI 920WT and OKI 711WT ONLY: set the media type setting to Transparency
  • For OKI 8432WT: set the media type setting to User Type 1 - with or without Transfer RIP
    Not recommended for use with regular CMYK printer due to low density of toner
  • Print design on the matte side of the A foil (transparent) paper in REVERSE or in other words, flip it horizontally. This can be done within the design program or printer’s settings (see your printer manual for more information).

  • The paper should be fed into copier/printer with the short dimension first, ideally using a straight path bypass tray. 
  • We recommend single sheet feeding

Application Instructions

Heat Press Only

This is a two-step process paper. Please follow directions accordingly! 

Step 1

  1. Prepare heat press to 300 F°.
  2. Place the printed A foil sheet (transparent paper) with the printed image face up in the heat press. Place the Transfer sheet (light yellow logo on back) with the blank side face down on the A foil sheet so that the two sheets are facing each other. 
  3. Press the two sheets for 90 seconds 120 seconds for full-color designs with medium pressure.
    You may decrease time to 90 seconds if your design is all black. 
  4. Once press time has elapsed, peel sheets immediately while hot.
  5. Your image should be completely covered on A foil sheet with a thin, white layer of adhesive.

Step 2

  1. Place A foil sheet onto garment face down, and press transfer to t-shirt using the following settings according to your substrate/textile:
    Cotton: 300F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
    Polyester: 265-285F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
    Blend Fabrics: 285-300F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
    Polypropylene: 220F for 30 seconds, medium to firm pressure (50-70 psi)
    Paper/Cardboard: 210F for 15 seconds, light pressure (50-70 psi)
    Book cover: 230-250F for 15 seconds, light pressure (50-70 psi)
  2. After pressing, allow the transfer to fully cool, and then peel paper backing sheet.
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