FDC 4200 Calendered Sign Vinyl

How to Apply Intermediate Calendered Sign Vinyl: 

SKU 4200

  1. Cut your design with a vinyl cutter, on the colored (front) side of the vinyl. Do NOT reverse your image.
  2. Remove (weed out) excess background so that your design is the only thing remaining on the backing. 
  3. Lay a piece of Medium or High Tack R Tape (masking tape) slightly larger than your design and rub with a squeegee to ensure the mask will pick up the design fully. 
  4. Peel away the mask in one smooth motion.
  5. Place your design on a hard, smooth surface and rub with a squeegee, making sure to avoid air bubbles.
  6. Peel away the masking tape to reveal your finished decal. 

Note: Heat is not needed to apply this vinyl. Sign vinyl already comes with a sticky adhesive back side which has an outdoor durability of 5 years. 

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