Logo Design Make Overs

June 15th - 3:00 pm CT


Why it is done, what it does for business, and how it can drive more sales!

This webinar will feature Jay Busselle with Idea Custom Solutions who will bring you a wealth of information about logo design, the process of a logo redesign, and assisting customers through the process of a logo makeover. The webinar will begin with a review of the logo design process and give you insight and training on composition, balance, color, style, and more. We will then walk you through the process that took place to make over the logo of our lucky contest winner (see here for more details!) and discuss the renewed energy and excitement that a revamped professional & effective logo brings. Finally, we will discuss the possibility of increased sales that this service creates. Once you help a business go through the process of a logo redesign, they will need EVERYTHING imprinted with that new logo - business cards, mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, name badges, awards, signs, and more!
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