How do I reset my password?

Resetting your password on our website is easy! There are multiple ways to do that, which are outlined below.

Please note that a Coastal online account is not the same as a customer account in our main system. A Coastal online account is similar to an online profile, which saves your order history and personal information, and gives you access to unique customer options. You must Sign Up and create an account in order to have a login.

Password Reset from Homepage

When you first visit our site, you will notice a "Welcome to Coastal" pop up with a Reset Password button. We encourage you to proceed with a password reset at this point if you are an existing customer.

This pop-up will only show up once when you are visiting the website for the first time. If you click OK, your browser will remember that you have done so and will not open it again unless you clear your cookies. If for any reason the pop-up doesn't show or if you want to reset your password at a later time and have already clicked the OK button, you can always come back to the Homepage and proceed to the Welcome banner on the very top. 

Once you have clicked on Reset Password, either through the pop-up prompt or banner page, you will be navigated to a page with a single blank field, asking you to input your e-mail. Type your e-mail and click on Reset My Password blue button. 

You will then land on the final login page with a message letting you know that if there is an account associated with your e-mail, you will receive an e-mail with a password reset link. 

If you don't receive such an e-mail, please try a different e-mail address. If you are still not receiving anything, it is possible that in the past you have checked out as "guest" and there isn't an online account for you. Please click on the blue SIGN UP button to set up a new online account. 

Password Reset at Check Out 

Click on GO TO CHECKOUT to proceed with the check out process. 

The first page during the Check Out process is the Shipping Address page. Please type in your e-mail and allow for the database to check whether an account exists, and if so, whether your password needs to be reset. A new message will appear directly underneath the e-mail field prompting you to reset your password if it detects that you haven't done so.If no message appears and the Password field turns yellow, please log in and proceed with check out. 

Once you click on "here", you will be navigated to our main Password reset page, on which you can type in your e-mail and click on RESET MY PASSWORD. 

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