Subli-Patch Flock Material Instructions

How to Use The Subli-Patch Sublimation Flock Material

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1. Sublimate To Fabric

Print your graphics from a sublimation compatible printer using sublimation inks and paper. Remember to mirror your image and apply your cutter registration marks to contour cut your graphics out. Transfer the image onto Subli-Patch at 400 degrees for 40 seconds. 

2. Tack Glue to Sheet

Press the glue sheet to the back of the Subli-Patch at 305º F for 4-5 seconds firm pressure with a Teflon sheet underneath the SubliPatch. Make sure the flock is face down and the back of the glue sheet is towards the heat platen

3. Contour Cutting

Using your plotter, contour cut the logos out.The depth of the blade should cut through the Fusible Graphics fabric and the glue, but not so deep as to cut through the glue’s backing sheet. For best results, you may want to use a slower speed when cutting.

4. Application

Apply Subli-Patch to the garment at 320-340º F for 15 seconds. Use a silicon or Teflon sheet when pressing patch to the garment to protect the patch from the heat platen.

*Some material may scorch at high temperatures. It is important to experiment with different times and temperatures before production.

Before Washing

Leave finish item for at least 24 hours before wash. Before Washing Wash inside out in cold water. Dry at normal heat settings. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, or harsh detergents. Do not iron directly over transfer

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