TechniPrint HS Hard Surface


Laser Transfer Paper for Hard Surfaces 

Printing Instructions

Due to the toner used in HP and Brother laser printers, transfers produced from these printers sometimes have a limited durability and consistency in results than other toners.  We recommend our Oki Data Laser Printers for reliable, high-quality printing results.

  • For OKI 831TS, OKI 920WT and OKI 711WT: set the media type setting to Ultra Heavy 1
  • For any other printer: Start with a Heavy setting and increase to Transparency or Label if you are seeing streaks/smearing. 
  • Print design on the blank side of the paper in REVERSE or in other words, flip it horizontally. This can be done within the design program or printer’s settings (see your printer manual for more information).

  • The paper should be fed into copier/printer with the short dimension first, ideally using a straight path bypass tray. 
  • We recommend single sheet feeding

Application Instructions

Heat Press Only

  1. Trim away excess transfer areas, but avoid trimming immediately up to the image some white border around print is recommended

  2. Press transfer to the item at 325F with medium/firm pressure at the following settings:

    Mugs - 180 seconds
    Glass/Steins - 180 seconds
    Metal- 120-180 seconds
    Ceramic Tiles - 480 seconds (8 minutes)
    Wood - 120-180 seconds
    Photo Slate - 300 seconds

    In some cases (especially metal) the use of a heating pad is recommended.

  3. Run cool water over the transfer to cool item completely before removing backing paper.
    * For glass items, place in a cool area, ie: fridge, instead to prevent cracking.
  4. After completely cool, peel backing sheet away from the item.

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