JetPro SofStretch Inkjet Paper Application Instructions

Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper for White/Light Colored T-Shirts



Printing Instructions

We recommend printing through an inkjet printer with pigment inks, such as the Epson WorkForce series.

Print design on the blank side of the paper in REVERSE or in other words, flip it horizontally. This can be done within the design program or printer’s settings (see your printer manual for more information). Use standard printing settings for plain paper, and at a medium image quality level. Single-sheet feeding is recommended.

For best quality results, JetPro SofStretch can be trimmed with a vinyl cutter to offer a lighter, softer feel on the garment. 

Application Instructions

Heat Press (required)

This paper is NOT compatible with a home iron.  

  1. Prepare heat press at 350-375 degrees F.
  2. Place heat transfer paper with the image facing down in the desired position on fabric.
  3. Using the above-recommended temperature, apply firm pressure for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Hot peel the transfer immediately after pressing. Caution: transfer will be hot!
    • This product may also be cold peeled, but elasticity and durability decrease. For best results, lightly stretch transferred area immediately after peeling. 
  5. Re-press transfer with a silicone sheet for 20 seconds for best durability. 

See the whole heat transfer process of JetPro SofStretch in our video

notepad-troubleshoot.pngTroubleshooting FAQ

Why didn't my image fully transfer? 

JetPro SofStretch is a commercial quality paper that requires very heavy and even pressure. It is usually a problem reported by users who are using hobby presses or older presses that may be inconsistent in temperature and/or heat. A high-quality commercial level heat press is strongly recommended for this paper as well as ensuring your press heats up evenly. Cold spots or bad pressure spots will result in parts of the paper to not transfer correctly. 

Can I use a vinyl cutter with JetPro SofStretch?

You can use any standard vinyl cutter to cut along the edges of your design if you would like to eliminate the background film that transfers. We recommend testing a sheet with your vinyl cutter first. Please ensure the blade is sharp and clean as JetPro SofStretch is extremely thin paper. 

What printer settings do I use to print on JetPro SofStretch?

We recommend using a Photo Quality or a High Quality setting for your inkjet printer to ensure that the printer slows down and prints a high-quality image. This is controlled normally through your printer manager on your computer. Some printers by default are set to High Speed instead of High Quality which can pull the paper through too fast and cause lines in the print. Leave the paper setting to Standard paper.

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