Can I return my equipment?

No, we do not accept back equipment as all equipment sales are final. However, depending on the issue, either our Technical Support team can resolve the problem and a return may not be necessary or the manufacturer can provide direct support and process returns or exchanges based on the condition of the equipment and warranty agreement.  

If you have one of the following issues: 

  • Print Settings or Maintenance Issues:
    • Please contact our Technical Support Department at 1-800-562-7760 or via e-mail at They can assist you with print settings, basic maintenance and other system set up. The manufacturer may have to get involved if it is a more complex software or driver issue, but in most cases it is fixable. 
  • Physical or Malfunction Issues
    • If there is a physical issue or malfunction of the equipment, the manufacturer will resolve this issue directly with the customer under the terms of the warranty agreement. Coastal Business Supplies' Technical Support Team is not able to troubleshoot, repair, or replace any parts or equipment outside of the manufacturer's warranty redemption policy. Please call in to find out the most direct phone number for manufacturer's tech support. 
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