Laser 1 Opaque Laser Paper Application Instructions

Laser Opaque Heat Transfer Paper for Color / Dark T-Shirts



Printing Instructions

  • For OKI 831TS, OKI 920WT and OKI 711WT: set the media type setting to Ultra Heavy 3
  • For any other printer: Set the paper weight setting to Transparency or Label (usually the heaviest setting in the printer driver is most compatible)
  • Print image on the blank, white side of the paper in the correct orientation: do NOT mirror/reverse the image. 

  • The paper should be fed into copier/printer with the short dimension first, ideally using a straight path bypass tray. 
  • We recommend single sheet feeding

Cut and Peel 

  • For best results trim away the unprinted paper around the image by hand or with a vinyl cutter. 
  • Gently peel the image off of the backing carrier like a sticker. Using an Xacto blade or a vinyl weeding tool is helpful to get easy separation of the layers. 

Application Instructions

Heat Press

  1. Prepare heat press at 350 degrees F.
  2. Do NOT pre-press the garment.
  3. Place the printed image onto the fabric, facing up. 
  4. Cover the image with a silicone sheet. 
  5. Using above recommended temperature, apply MEDIUM pressure for 15-20 seconds. (Reduce time if using Dazzle-Trans with the application.)
  6. Peel the silicone sheet off in a smooth even motion after transfer cools completely. 

IMPORTANT: Printers and heat presses vary in accuracy. We have tested our products with numerous printers and presses with excellent results.
Nonetheless, we recommend that you test the paper in your equipment to ensure the best results. 


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