What is the best paper to use for polyester T-shirts?

Inkjet Papers

Inkjet papers overall are compatible with polyester fabrics but we picked our favorites. Red Grid for light fabrics is durable and presses easily into polyester at lower temperatures and pressure. For dark or colored garments, EasyJet is our top choice as it is the thinnest opaque paper but also can be pressed at the lowest temperature of 325F° which is important to avoid yellowing of the fabric. As a second choice, we recommend Jet Dark which is extremely durable and compatible with polyester as well. 

Laser Papers 

Laser heat transfer papers have great options for polyester fabrics. Our favorite all around for light or white garments is Forever Transparent, which has great durability and screen printed feel. For dark garments, the best option is Forever Laser Dark which can be pressed as low as 290F° and even lower for hard surface items like paper or cardboard. It has the best durability and is also self-weeding. However, this paper is only compatible with the OKI white toner printer models. For those who have a regular CMYK printer, we recommend Image Clip Laser Dark self-weeding paper, ideal for bright and bold designs (it will not transfer white or very light colors). 

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