How can I install my Sawgrass Virtuoso printer?

To install the printer, the first step is to download the driver. Follow the steps below to access and download the files you will need.

1. Go to (all drivers are currently found on the Sawgrass website)

2. Create a free account or log in if you already have one

3. Click on Get Support found at the top menu

4. Select your ink, printer and operating system from the provided drop down menus. 

5. A fourth drop down option appears with the title "Choose a Color Correction Type". Your choice depends on your operating system. 

For Windows users

Select Corel/ Adobe Desktop Graphics Software with Powerdriver. This will lead you to the driver file that contains both the printer driver and the Powerdriver, which is the necessary color correction driver to which you will be printing. 

For Mac OS users

Select Adobe Desktop Graphics Software with MacProfile. This will lead you to the driver file that contains the printer driver as well as the MacProfile which is the color correction driver needed for Mac computers. 

6. Click on Go 

If you wish to go straight to the file download, click on Color Management Downloads and follow the on screen instructions.

I downloaded the file, now what? 

Click HERE to view and download the Installation Guides in PDF format from our website (no log in required) or if you go back to the Sawgrass page, click on Getting Started which has links to the same guides (log in required) 




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